Nov 26 2016

Recommended Listening: Martin Denny – Primitiva

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Martin Denny – Primitiva

If you’re looking for some tiki music to chill to, then I would highly recommend having a listen to Martin Denny’s mystical album Primitiva. It was originally released in 1958 via Capitol Records. It’s full of mysterious tropical sounds, rolling percussion, and twinkling xylophones. It’s definitely one of my favorite tiki records.

You can check it out in its full glory below:


Track List:

A1 – Burma train
A2 – Kalua
A3 – M’Gambo mambo
A4 – Buddhist bells
A5 – M’Bira
A6 – Flamingo

B1 – Llama serenade (Peruvian llama song)
B2 – Akaka falls
B3 – Bangkok cockfight
B4 – Mau Mau
B5 – Dites moi
B6 – Jamaica farewell


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